My Generation


My Generation 

Oh my sweet generation 



What has become of us


Unconsciously submerging ourselves into this deep hole

A hole called society

We have become the lost generation   



My generation?

Young men in my generation 

Spend $200 on a pair of sneakers

$100 on a pair of pants

$350 on one belt

But nothing on their families

Young Men in my generation 

Talk and rap about gun violence and the thrill of a kill

But they don't even know how that piece of metal feel 

We collect clothing, shoes, and accessories, lies for the sole purpose of impressing others.

We have all become hypebeasts



My generation

Young Women rather be someone’s WCW

Rather than be a young successful women everyday

But no they rather pick twerking as a skill rather than leadership

And they rather fight over a boy than fight over their own rights

Oh and of course rather be called bae than their first name

We have all become pride-less



I sigh at our generation,

We've lose sight at who we truly,

We look to the celebrity "AKA" stars and those useless charts,

My generation we are falling apart


 Oh and I cry for the parents,

They are losing their innocent children,

And all of their hearts are being broken,

Because now their child is only alive in their hearts. 


And yes I scream at news and media,

They tell our young women that if you are not a size 0 you’re not thin enough,

That if they don’t look like a Victoria Secret Model they're not beautiful

They tell our young men that that girls are 

Nothing, but an object

That they should show little to no affection

Act like they don’t have a heart 

Our generation is being fooled by the stars. 


I plead to new educators,

To please be patient with our broken scholars,

As their lives are being taken apart,

For they are trying to get back to the start 




And this is the startling reality...Of what I call my generation






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