Generational Curse

Verses of our time,
this life is hectic.
This generations tough,
no need to disrespect it.
So many wars going on,
in and out of our country.
Can we just increase the peace
show of hands, who agrees?
Your kids are dying every day
From those unnatural causes
Resort to jumping off of bridges,
Selfish people caused this.
"I rep blue, I rep red"
Cause my life at home's too tough
Then finding your child's dead and
gone because of this kinda stuff.
everyone receives this in some kind of way
but time heals all wounds at the end of the day
Life's worth every breath,
so just breathe it in slow.
So full of love and compassion,
One day, you will know.
Its time for a change
Yes, its time to stand up.
Cause the way that we choose
to live life? I'm fed up
Lets us strive to make peace,
and subside on making war
In this place we call home.
This generational curse, be no more.


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