My Generation

Verses of our time, life is hectic,
This generation's tough, don't disrespect it.
We got wars going on, in and out of the country,
Can we increase the peace? show of hands, you agree?
People dying everyday, not from natural causes,
Kids jumping off of bridges, selfish people cause it.
Some represent colors, since their lifes are "tough"
Finding your son's dead and gone because of this kind of stuff.
Everyone experiences this in some kind of way,
but time heals all wounds at the end of the day.
Life's worth every breath, so breathe it in slow,
When you find true love, is the day you'll know.
My generation has it tough, so we go insane,
Haven't you had enough? its time to make a change.
They say we're crazy, hmm, silly people nowadays,
Cant be quick to place judgements, cause by you, we were raised.
This world has gone mad and we're getting no better,
So for our life's sake, lets come together.


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