Wreck | Power Poetry

I'm looking around 
I see the world is a wreck
Nobody wants to work 
They want that welfare check
Wondering why their kids don't 
Have any respect 
But when they're raised like
That I mean what do you expect
No one cares about what's real 
They just want a check
Gold chains and the snap back
Hats they collect
Wasting currency on what's
Popular and their currently in debt
Never thinking about what's comes
What's wrong with the men and 
Women in this generation
Makes me question why I stand for this bias nation
Kids rather smoke weed than see graduation
politics stuck on wars instead of
Parents selling drugs to
Afford their own kids medication
Soldiers shooting soliders on their
Own installation
We need god now
Our faith is in hibernation
Where did we go so wrong with
Our Life's equations
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Sick dude, absolute truth

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