Evolution X

wanting to have true friends but none are true enough to be one

wanting to get in love and to be loved but gifted with none of the above


wanting a box of chocolate filled with luck in stead life is a bin filled with unluck

all were once away from machines Phew! fuels are not to drunk yet but and still life has become an artificial, automated, talking machines


honesty was the best ever policy then now lies has set out to be a trending trend

emotions were there then lifeless emotions fill up the air for now


those were days of clear and pleasant these are days which make us feel insecure

the wise ruled then the vices rule now


those were days of play now life's a virtual play

a soul mate loved the other then now we wed a paper called money


those were days of serenity now its a photographic memory

those were days to see stripes in the evergreen snow these are vanishing now


it was a green desert then now its a magical city the ad says

water was of colourless and peaceful then coloured red and war filled now


there was love, share and peacenow its hate share markets and wars

art was life and life was artits lifeless now calling to called as modern art


silence and music were sweeter than sweets rocking noise is music now

all were blessed by nature then a thing called science, fuels and coolers pollute with darkness making holes above


to read and write was interesting then sleep and eat is of a interest now

exercising improved livestechnology encourages laziness


there was time for doing the talking talk now no time even for a chit chat

people prayed, people ask now why pray when life's good?


heaven was on earth then now hell is around the corner


gold were those days

and gone are those days.


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