Fri, 05/03/2013 - 20:05 -- pjnina


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Useless vocabulary
Silly tone for the future generation
Is this what we were suppose to be preparing for?
Lost lives, bad causes, pointless views
The struggle is alive to some but are consequences really the matter of fiction?

The fire is in their eyes and we are the beholder
Forgetful and lost
our lives are cross
we live on and we'll carry on

So bring your guns
and bring on your hate
Put shame onto my eyes and teach me your ways
I'll forgive for all the pain you gave me
but I'll never forget the person you made into me to be

Yes, I'll raise my hand for the question that needs to be answer
Remembering all the memories of all of the happier times
So is this the end or is the beginning
let's grab all your hope that was lost and bring out the enemy.


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