The Secert of this Generation


This generation, it was never meant to be
Cant you see?
You raised us, yet you blame us
Can't you see...
It's not the internet, not the gays, not the liberals
It's about those who came before we
It's not about legalizing this, or endorsing that
We're not writing it in Morse Code,
It's about who we are as a generation
You weren't ready for us; we weren't ready for the world.
Why do you blame us?
We may be the cause
But that's because you started this fire
We're all in one big mire now
While you expect us to call you Sire
But who's the liar?
Liar? liar! You lowly sire
Got us to where we are now
What you see on the news today
Is just foreplay for what's to come


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