Black Berry Name Tory

Blacken Berries

Black OF Barry

Back in Various Thoughts of the Last Name Hunter a sequence

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Crazy How My Instagram Instantly Dams me from Hoovering My life over that hump as my generation doesn't give damn

Cover Lover

Rubber Ducky Toucher was the First thing that taught how to put on a rubber

You hate taking test and bubbling in answers

But since you was a kid coloring books was Trynna teach how stay in lines because that scantron has to be defined.

It’s Crazy How My randomness to you doesn't make a lick of sense but that’s the thing

Nothing we learned at young did, but it instilled in us, everything we do today

I Mean Babies wouldn’t be having Babies if Babies wasn't baby doll crazy

Whipping a Brick with the flick of the wrist is existent with making a Pancake for the first time on the stove top but you allude these things to whipping a hard rock that you only know of because menace to society showed the real thoughts of making a life in the hood around crooked cops

You Only Live Once Is the Motto for someone looking for a quick stop so they can buy that cup of lean and a cigarillo and smoke and drink that in his car until his heart stops

Blacken Berries

Black Of Barry

I am a Blackened Berry and as a Berry I Fall From this Tree of a Scary Generation Flaring and Staring at what I am about to do

I am about to let the seeds of me grow roots and arms to shoot as I stand tall

I AM Tragic in a Daring Satirical Motion

I am that Ocean running in to the Hoover Dam I know I am not the only artist who gives a damn about people in this world being more in the can than in a college with a job

People Rob the Black off of me

But Im a steal it back as Society develops

A status quote about how my black buries me

Low past the Monkey they paint me as my flesh unprovokes me

And as My Next Line makes me Eric Garner and Chokes me

And Makes me Oscar Grant and Hold me down loads Bs inside of me

And Makes me Trayvon Martin,

Paint me every black male

Because I am a 50 shades of Black, I am a berry that can grow scales

And when one black male takes a L and wash it down with Ale for the homies

On bail who either is going back to jail or society lets them fail

I Raise my roots and makes my scales arrive past my Holy Grail and

I Release this

We are Black!

Yall thought I was gonna rant about our generation

No I just want the rest of Generation to give a Damn

And Stop Paying attention to Uncle Sam ramming a Million out of our

Hoods, and start paying attention to Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom

Being from the same Fam because Adam and Eve made all


Yet you guys make my berries paint a monkey across my face then that means you’re a monkey

Start Giving a Damn

The Blackened Berry Standing here let TV blind him before he start giving a damn

The Impossible is Possible I know you Know this because a Berry can’t burry another Berry while a Berry

Is pushed into a world full of clams and survive

But as a Berry I do it every day My Berry Brothers are dying and making a living with the society full of clams

Blackened Berries Covered in a Cape makes me who I am

Im not a SuperHero

Just a Berry who gives a damn.


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My community
Our world
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