Generation, Lets Change!


Tell me, is this how we are to live?

Where drugs, weapons, and sex hold or generation captive

When did education start being a choice instead of a requirement?

Does no one crave for the power of knowledge, has it become ancient?

Little girl ,why do you paint your tears with lipstick and concealer?

Is makeup now your main healer?

Little boy, why do you associate with such violent friends?

Pushing, stealing, lying, smoking, is there no end?

Father, why do you turn to alcohol to ease your pain?

Can your family not do the same?

Mother do you not hear your child's cry?

Have you grown so weary that you cannot reply?

Brother killing brother

Daughter slowly destroying mother with the same mouth she helped create

Do their actions no longer dictate?

Oh Generation! How you have gone durange!

It's time for change!

Pick up the books and put down the gun.

Be an example for your future son.

Cover yourself and have respect!

You're beautiful, God made you perfect.

Open the windows and put down the booze

To that lifetyle, say you adieus!

Find a real job, stop being lazy

Drugs should no more be your only source for money

Graduate and go to College!

There is so much delcious knowledge.

Kiss your mothers and hug your fathers

Kill the animosity and share the love and unity

Generation I still have I have high hopes for you

Lets end the old and start a new.


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