My Generation

This is the generation of do anything to get a like, follow, or retweet on Twitter, the spiteful generation who have become so bitter; the generation of technology and progression, the generation who won't sit down and shut up to learn a valuable lesson; the generation who knows everything about nothing, but are dumbfounded and silent when the conversation is about something; the generation who are so easily offended, but the first to shout "Freedom of speech, first amendment." ; the generation who will settle for lies instead of truths, the generation who only knows about loving the crew; the generation who claims to know the Lord and His word, but whose actions display nothing from church that they've heard. 

--Problem is this geneartion is comforable with mediocre, comfortable with degrading its women, saying things like "Super soak her!" this generation is not that ignorant but chooses to be stupid, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, but this geneartion want lose it! We become belligerent when little things don't go our way, and are always the first to be involved in the he-say she-say. It's time to open your eyes , and clothes mouths--especially if you have not thought about the words coming out. Stope being the generation that is mereley hypocritical and become the generation who sparks a revolutionary miracle. Aspire and inspire the youth following behind you, look back to MLK and Abe Lincoln to remind you--FREEDOM AIN'T FREE, your rights aren't either! We didn't come this far just to shame all of those people and everything they stood up and even died for, things we wouldn't have and should show a little pride for. I have a dream that I will share with you all, but only once united because divided we shall fall. 



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