Listen to me!
I need to be heard!
My mind is a notebook and for nineteen years I’ve been writing,
scribbling away, but no one will take the time to read!


Everyone talks about the ‘next generation’ what ideas will they come up with
who will be the new powerhouse?
They want movies, pictures, art, science, things that have not been discovered,
But they won’t listen! I have them here, in my head, in this notebook
and I’m scribbling away, but no one is taking the time to read!
I think in color and I hear in music, I am a fantasy novel, waiting to be unleashed
into a new. world.


But I am a Millenial.
And what do we have to offer, besides laziness and the destruction of modern capitalism?
“Where’ the next great advancement?”
Well that’s easy. There won’t be one.
Because they’re too busy coaching our lives to let us have voices of our own.
And we write, and we write, and we scribble away in the notebooks in our heads
but no one is reading and we’re
in cages in our minds where no one can hear us because they don’t want to.


We’re stuck in a decade of archaic thinking because no one is listening.
They demand, and demand, and the supply is thick, we have a surplus of brilliant minds
But they are afraid.
 Afraid of change.
Afraid of letting the world go in a direction that means they are
So we yell in our cages and we bang at the bars and tear at the walls,
and our hands are bloody and throats sore from screaming in silence,
but still they will not hear us because they have trained us to stay silent,
Raise our hands.
Ask for permission to speak.
To go to the bathroom.
To see the nurse.


We are still children.
Twentysomethings who have been ‘fresh out of high school’ for five years,
Because they still refuse to see us as adults.


We need to be heard.
It will not be a question.
We will not raise our hands.
But you will all listen.


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