Generation Gap


Generation Gap


Now I type but then in times

Before this our culture used symbols as words.

Indus spoke an indecipherable language to us now.

To unearth their meaning even so long after

Would it not still be deemed written,

Worthy and important,

Their words.


Symbols to words. Each having meaning.

“Rome shall never fall” written on sticky leaves,

Dried out to form these scrolls of papyrus.

Written in iron salt treated with sulfuric acid
otherwise known as ink.

Expressed. They expressed and told of themselves Through the running of ink on dried scroll.

Knowing someone by how there w’s might curve

Or I’s are dotted.


Fountain pens used in the 19th century

Were mechanical wonders that need not be dipped

Instead thoughts flowed consistently without breaking.

Naked these words laid bare showing the deepest thoughts in one’s head mortalized on paper.


Here the 21st century I have a CPU that backspaces.

Fonts that my hand is unable to write but my fingers can type.

The older ones before say my words are authentic-less.

The meaning and intensity cannot be felt
Behind the words. There carless. I say careless?

I say whats behind a word. History.  Like ink to paper.

Carless. Like quill to papyrus.

History is Carless? As the stick was to the rock.


The previous age group says

Auto correct and Spell check make my words de-sensitized so no one can relate.

The gaming, the technology the lost generation.


I am Generation Y.

So why do I write. Yes, I maybe typing this but I write… To bridge that generation gap.   




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