Our Generation

Sat, 04/13/2013 - 17:47 -- Traang


United States
37° 18' 7.5888" N, 121° 48' 18.0468" W

I sit and watch at this chaos around
Not being able to make a sound
We can say the world is coming to its end
How in God’s name will be defend
So many kills and meanless deaths
So many drugs, like crystal meth
So many storms in summer days
So many jobs taken away
How do we survive it all
Maybe together we’ll all fall
We have less but spend more
We spend all this money but what for?
Too many diseases reappearing
But least medicine doing its curing
So many things used in stupid ways
I can’t blame for the world to be this way
So many people spreading the blame
Giving this generation all the shame
We’re people in the making, so understand
We are doing all the things we can
We’re going to school and following the rules
It’s all to help this world we’re making new
We know it’ll take years and years
Decades and maybe a Century
But we will do it and save this world
With every other boy and girl.


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