Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions determine how I shape my words on this page.

Internal flickers and quarks determine how many times I blink while processing my thoughts.

Waves of neurons tell my brain that I have jittery hands when my pencil doesn't touch paper.


I have these thoughts and opinions that not many do.

I'm a mature adult trapped in a new legal-to-drive teenage body.

If I want to hold death between my teeth, I rightly can.

If I want to hold a senate seat and express my generation's concerns, I rightly can.


I am not allowed to take the car without my parent's permission.

Neurons jump the connections that tell me to obey the rules and listen to my superiors.

Neurons create the chemicals of euphoria.

I do not get to enjoy these chemicals because suppression holds me back.


I want one week where I am not being force fed state standards.

I want one week when I am not bored to tears.

I want one week where creativity flourishes over facts and book smarts.

I want one week where i feel appreciated and respected as the future generation of planet Earth.


My GPA means nothing.

My class rank means nothing.

My hobbies and activities mean nothing.

A resume cannot tell you that my eyes naturally widen when I am addressed. 

My failures cannot be checked off my medical record.

You will not find my humor or sensitivity in the digits of my social security.


I am an explosion of chemical reactions.

Put me under a microscope and baby, i'm a kaleidoscope.

Blues, greens and twisted funny shapes.

Read me like a DNA strand.

I'm 46 chromosomes filled with glitter, confetti and Krazy Glue.

I may be smart, but i'm smart enough to know that i'm adrift in this petri dish.

My neurons cannot be corrupt.

They will not be conformed.

Crack open my shell and dump my innards on the cement.

My brain will spill color while others spill soggy textbooks.






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