I weep for my generation

From the darkness they emerged


High hopes and joyful sighs

As we listen to their first cries

Envisioning the future potential of such a small entity

Praying our perception comes to fruition until it collides with the reality of society

Their purity blemishes


As we

Mark them with an X

Like those under skull bones

The symbol of death


Mystically embraced by urban attraction

And the whispers of mediocrity pierced through their ears

But In those words they think they have found a sound of literacy spoken to them like a self-

fulfilled prophecy


Ingesting the sustenance of hypocrisy

Tied up tangled up in the lies they have been feeding

Oblivious to see they are what they have been eating

A drought in the thirst for knowledge

Famine thwarting their matriculation into college

The heart ache of their heart beat echoes in their ravished bellies

Corrupt minds lead the blind

Sick to my stomach and it hurts


Greed over shadows common sense

Leaving others cent less  

To be amongst the living is too big investment

To them life has toll

Instead of a token of peace

My generation is broken into pieces

The price of life steadily afflicted by inflation

So they filed for the bankruptcy of their future prosperity


Relying on a social safety net where

Work ethic and perseverance are foreign

My generation is too egotistically elevated for submission

So they throw themselves in the air

While society kicks away the chair


Unconsciously submerging themselves into a hole

Until their body is laid to rest

Their remains lifeless and cold


Some thousands of causalities have become a commonality

Desensitized to the cruelty of the situation

And the startling reality...Of what I call my generation


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