My Generation


My Generation is  full of cruel jokes, vulgar photos and lost youth. People who act as if they’ve been raised with the least bit of couth.
I have proof.
See it hurts me to see the example that we are indeed leaving for the generations to come.
What is being taught shouldn’t be, what is being revealed shouldn’t be.
Nowadays the social networks  occupy our minds, losing sight of that which is important.
You log on and without warning exposed to the naked photos, rap mottos, drinking and smoking and hatred that follows.
You scroll and you see the photos of people who are in need of attention showing that of which is supposed to be a secret.
Young women crying how they’re lonely and need a man to complete them.
Young men screaming "f**** h**s get money."

My Generation is this what we want to show for?
For those younger than us who are watching
Taking notes; getting ready to do as we do, speak as we speak, think like we think.
It’s sad.
Blind leading the blind…
and those of us who have sense aren’t speaking their mind... Enough.
Enough of the ugly and the bad, the cruel, hurt and sad, the angry the mad.
Enough of the lies, the deceit, the allegations of  what my generation can't be.
We have to stand up and prove that we can be all that we can be. A positive outlook needs to overcome our minds and we need to have the mentality that indeed the best is yet to come.
And for some this is simple to think this way, speak this way, act this way. But some need uplifting, some need teaching.
So let's uplift, let's teach and encourage.
Never discourage.
MY GENERATION... I believe in you.
Find your purpose and do what it is your set out to do. 


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