yes I'll wait for you

I promised i would wait for you
But is waiting really what i want to do.
I mean waiting for you would allow us to grow more and be more understanding of one another,
But waiting could also lead you to another women.
I love you so i don't want to lose you,
Us being a little bit more older, higher my probability of staying with you.
I look at you and my heart just hurts,
All i want is to be with you.
Sometimes i just think people use to marry at our age so why can't we just be together.
For the past 2 years I've been fighting to be with you,
As soon as i got you i thought i lost you to my jealous accusations but then you came back and insured that we'll be fine.
I realized then that maybe i was a little too childish to make this work, i needed time to grow and know myself,
So here i went saying things like
" Baby, i love you, I'll wait for you, so we can get our stuff together I'll wait for us "
I wish i thought that through more,
Because sadly you agreed.
I didn't really want to wait, i wanted you to say " Baby, theres no need i love you and i always well and we're going to get through everything thrown at us, baby we're going to make it."
But sense its not the 60's of course you didn't.
In our generation love isn't on people mind money is and truly your one of those people.
But baby why can't we be different.
I guess the answer to that is that we have to grow with time.
So yes I'll wait for you but when we get together I'll make you wish that you didn't make me wait as long as you did, because time is of the essence and every memory counts.

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