Break ups

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I can't help it and I know it but I'm stuck.   My feelings, like quicksand, have a firm hold of me and just won't let go.   I'm stuck in the past, the pain on my heart 
  Of All The Things That I Miss   I miss the nails on the back porch The worms in the lawn I miss the stables by your house
i thought i did something that made you mad made you hate the way i blink or hate the way i shiver when it’s cold outside i thought i did something that just
I don’t know how to write about you and tell the truth.   Bare bones, hands shaking, nothing left to do but fill the page. I don’t think I’m at that stage.  
My phone vibrates. New message! I open up the conversation, where my boyfriend of two years has sent me a message. “Hey” it reads. “Can we talk?”
Time stands still for you and I Sometimes Others it seems to take more than it should While we get lost in memories Time is passing us
I fell for you when I was weak you were my sun and I was just a ray you lit up my life and forced me to speak I needed you, and you promised me you'd stay   I stared up at the sky, so open and blue
There is somewhere a glass castle. Towering pillars and windows seen through clouds, The stairs go beyond anybody’s reach. There is somewhere a glass castle. Each piece a memory, each stair a kiss.
Are we broken? Are we nothing? Nothing to you even though we were glue. Attached the joints. I guess glue falls apart at some point. As easily as put together we are we fell over at the slightest breeze.
When people ask me about youI tell them that you hate asparagusBut delight in broccoliI tell them about how you tell stories Like t
He called me once, you know I was in the shower and he called me Not once, but over and over until I answered He asked me how to love you What presents to get you
You will always be my favorite constellation. Every night I wander searching for your embrace. But we are humans, To travel at the speed of light like stars is to die.
I have always been a vacant lover.  Communication does not come easy when you're a child from a verbally abusive home.
I asked you out not because I want you to know me I’m not even sure I want to know you I asked you out so I have something to write my poetry about.   You are so beautiful, so young and wild and bright
As New Years day came, the words "new beginnings" engraved my soul. I was tired of playing games, and from us taking it slow. I made my decision, i was moving to miami, cause you had my heart.
Do you remember that night? When you and I lay on that couch, That couch with stains from different nights, And you said you’d never live my side, Come rain come shine?  
Her hypnotizing eyes, so full of life look at me. Her luscious lips stretch into a charming smile. She reaches out for me. Her warm, sweet breath hits my face. I embrace her, but only manage to hug empty air.
Part One:I am a destroyerDestroy herDestroy himDestroy them Destroyer of worlds of multifarious dimensions.
It's true when they say you never know what you got til it's gone, I never knew what entered my life, I didn't realize until the day I thought about you actually being my wife,
I need you to promise me you'll pick up the pieces of my heart that are broken, for I am afraid that if too many pieces are lost, I'll lose myself completely,
Hello, Do You Love Me? I know the last time we spoke you made it plain That you didn't care about me, or my pain You shoved all the blame on me And now it's as obvious as can be
Love is patient Love is kind Love had broke this heart of mine Now this heart, it shall woe Because you still won’t let it go Love me gentle Love me sweet Love my cracks and thimble feet
You creep into my mind And it's like I can't be sane without you. You kept me high all the time. Your touch was so intoxicating. All I want is to have you in my arms again And hear your voice next to my ear.
fuck that cat with two fists covered in molten lead If I had a nickel for every day I spent in hell,                 It would be the last three years with my ex-girlfriend. I don’t know what that equates to,
Breaking Up   It is as if we’re breaking up. Breaking that beautiful bliss That we had collected in Five short days. Just as a child collects sea shells,
Right now, I don’t know what I want, so let’s put it all on pause. Do not misinterpret this; there is nothing wrong with you, who you are as a person,
Love never hurt so much or felt so good You were so broke yet so full of passion I was so lost but still looked for nothing but a friend Together we were so right but never quite fit
  I saw you with your new girlfriend a few nights ago.  Your hair was slicked back. You were wearing that tux I picked out for you, the navy one. You seemed to be having a great time.
It's giving wholeheartedly and not receiving You pour into someone else and they don't pour back into you Leaving you empty With a bottomless void to fill The empty void hurts Such major change so quickly
All I wanted was to be wanted You gave me meaning A purpose A reason to live I lost myself in you Who am I without you You said you loved me But then you left me
At first you made the choice to walk away, I pleaded and begged you to stay. After all our history, you meant so much to me, you were my anchor and I was a ship on stormy seas.
i had taken 50 tylenol, in intervals of five on april 2ndapril 2nd, because i felt that april 1st would be a day too cruel to get a call from your child's school
One of these days of these nights...We won't fight and everythings gonna be alrightOne of these days one of these nights ........One of these nights everything will be alrightBut on this night just doesn't feel rightThis night your no
When I heard how she felt 
Roses are red  Viloets are blue The ocen swirls just like I did for you You broke my heart once You tore our love apart You expect me to come back But you're wrong
Realization dawns like a new eraYou had your chance and you blew itNow you get to regret itAnd I assure you, you will miss thisThings are changing, time moves forward
We should't be together We shouldn't have our say There is no us, there is no we We've faded like your torn blue jeans I've forgotten your face Somewhere in time and space we
With the winter winds as a guide,  I want your breath to swirl in my chest- I need your nicotine.  Can't you hear my ribs chiming like chapel bells  Each time your words form smoke rings
Cleave to what you left, When you took away my breath. Leave, just go and leave me with nothing left. So my shattered heart can grieve. My heart is filled to the brim,
I can’t recall the exact detail of your face I can’t remember the way the sun hit your eyes and made them light
You've gone, left me.  I lie in this pitiful home of lonesome, louring me into the darkest of depressions. How could you do such thing? I've always given the best for you, always made sure you were happy.
I’ll speak softly, Though my eyes are burning And think of you often Though slowly I’m learning That I don’t possess A shred of your heart I should have expressed this From the start
I’m trying not to lose these fading memories,Because they’re all that I have left of you,Even when the pain brings me to my kneesAnd I can’t breathe because I’ve glimpsed the hue
Even though you don't love me, the smoke you left behind is choking me. I'm blinded by the gray.   Maybe the worst part is that you left all kinds of scars I couldn't understand.
You left, I cried, I ate ice cream, You went out drinking, I went to school, You stayed at home, I got a degree, You got a newborn, I got money, You barely made rents paid,
  I regret nothing out of all of this I swear I would never take a thing back And never have I taken your love for granted In fact, it was my loyalty that had you taken aback…  
Weeping endured many nights but joy came in the mourning thats right joy laughter with tears courage with fears i chose you  even though no one understood you look like a hick and me ..
Im not really sure where it began was it the first or second time you held my hand? It was Autmn and it was cold I was only 15 years old. I thought I loved you and maybe i did The way it all happened
My own mind is playing tricks on me. Im able to concetrate, function in school & even maintain my social life
It's incredible really. How two fucked up people, from a shit town can end up planting flowers  inside each other's wrists and growing a whole different atmosphere.  
My heart belongs to you, It beats for you. It only wants you, And no one else. But my body rejects you completely. I am disgusted by your presence. I want to forget you,
it was a flawless secret one held too tight across her mind it would push against her eyelids so that every single time she would close her eyes to rest or even blink it would take control of her dreams
I was not witness to a father who beats, I was witness to a father who cheats. I never said a word, I kept it all in, I still wonder if doing that was my greatest sin. My mother went on not knowing the truth,
I thank you darling For those words that you spoke To me that day we sat under the trees In my backyard On that hot summers day The scent of my mothers yellow gladiollas Drifting up our noses
You are being sweet with me again, almost as if you were flirting. It’s bizarre when your mood changes from brotherly bickers to a courting gentleman.
I can’t let go. Every time I’m ready to move on, he pulls me back. A Venus Fly Trap is what you are; always luring and tempting. But whenever I fall for it, you rob me of everything and dispose the remains.
Words and actions are two separate things, but both you need to discover somethings. Like who's in your past, or what will be future. You can't just say and expect them to know; you can't just do and hope it'll show.
all my pain and worry sides in this place me not in your arms is between us space after you hurt and used me to be my self i cant be but slowly im learning to move on in what seems to be a con
I hate you! No I dislike you very much. All the lies you told, filled my heart with no trust. Nothing but anger, fear and abuse; I can't help you have relationship issues.
I feel like I'm a million miles away, running on a road moving in the wrong direction. Tryin to get to you ..... why do i bother, why do i care? When all i get is empty words. Empty arms I run into
Memories come and go people may fade a way love may conquer all
I know I never will forget the way you said I love you. The butterflies I felt when you glanced me way Every gentle word and soft touch will never be forgotten.
the girl you found Have you seen the girl that shines? The one that thought she could only shimmer. She holds her head up to the sky. And her eyes; you can see them glimmer.
Over come with sadness my hearts in the air and no one to really share with what is complexing my mind and bottling my eyes confusing my heart to believe I have nothing good left in me nothing but 3 6 spirits left in me minus the 1 spirit God put
How can I hate you so much when I'm told "you are to love your neighbor as you love yourself." But your no neighbor nor are you even a close or distant friend. You not even an enemy , your no threat to me but I hate you with every inch of me!!
It felt good It felt good to have someone call my name To bring me happiness and play love games It felt great It felt great to have a partner in crime To have a lover to love and a love to call mine
It’s hard to decipher from my head and my heart Not knowing which one to listen to It’s like Satan on one shoulder and god on the other Both persuading you But which one will I choose
The real me is shy, But not afriad to speak her mind The real me is weak, But tries to be STRONG, The real me can sing and dance, But just donesn't show it The real me is smart,
He says Don't u think of me as much as I think of you ?
I once knew of a girl, Roaming and young, Who closed her eyes when it rained, And envied the sun.
Together forever that's the promise you made to me the shirt that you made even said that we could be Together forever yes, we was so in love no one could tell me nothing around you i was high like a dove
Dear Survey, Should I be the blame of my own brokenhearted pains ? Is it my fault that I fell in like with the idea that I should be happy with my own beauty enough to share it with another ?
Before you, I had everything planned out. But the moment you came into my rear view eye sight you grabbed my heart and molded it like play doh into something that could only fit in the palm of your hands
No one knows The affects you have on me. I don’t know if you would be considered A passion or a drug. When im with you I become Something I wish I could be everyday… I feel almost super human.
I Yell Because...
You never intended to stay with me You only gave up and ran away You never listened, it was always your way I use to imagine how we would be But I've given up on that silly dream
In my defense (You have none) I just needed someone to lean on (For a while, then be done) It’s not my fault you wanted more (Told you I wasn’t like her) And it’s been a year, yeah, I’m sure
December has passed, your ghost is now gone; it no longer lingers in the hallways of my mind. You only enter through my doors from time to time, but never to say, "Hello" or "How are you?"
Hard, reliable, dependent on one another Relationships are like bones Stable yet unstable, fragile yet stern a structure that seems to never burn.
Lives intersect, Countlessly, Few ever connect For eternity, Or even for more, Than a moment, Before they are torn, And sent
I’ll dance to the music, That sings inconsolably sweet I’ll sway and step And try. I’ll dance to the music Because I have no words Only the need to dance these Steps
The times that we had, The good and the bad The things that we shared,could never be compared You were my everything, My water and air You made my heart smile, It lasted a while
It wasn't all fair With the stars in your hair And the smile That played on your lips. When you made me believe Here's my long lost dream Coming true.
A poet without a muse, Like a bird without a song. Just when I figured there was nothing left to lose, The words no longer where they belong. In the back of my mind Now reside the melodies so sweet,
Words go throughout my head the pain that you caused to me departing me without a sound whispers of you wanting back if feels like a roller coaster ride never ending and never brought to a halt
Happiness is all I ever wanted But loving you is like a dying weed The actions that you portrayed assaulted The way you talk to me can only feed The hatred I once felt for you is gone In my search I have found somebody new Who handles me like a de
Happiness is all I ever wanted But loving you is like a dying weed The actions that you portrayed assaulted The way you talk to me can only feed
I fell so hard when we met that day, And noticing you failed to feel the same. Forgive me for my heart is worn, And your's untamed.
Let me start by saying that us girls are hypocrites, We give our friends relationship advice and end up putting up with the same shit These dudes only do what we allow Give a dog some beef and of course he'll want the cow
I miss your soft lips. I miss your white T's. I miss how whenever I tried to get the hair out of your face you would shake it right back over your smirk. I miss the scracth of your unshaved face on my cheek.
Someday you'll love me, Someday you'll care, Someday you'll treasure the moments we've shared. Someday you'll learn, Love is not a game, Then you'll realize, I'm not the same.
Little bird I miss you and the way you used to kiss me slow all you wanted from me was me and I think that was the only thing we ever did right.
You were too fucked up to answer me but you were always too fucked up why do you fuck yourself up you are so amazing without anything else inside of you why do you drink so much you say that
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