To the one, who made all the difference


United States
47° 40' 34.014" N, 117° 12' 39.1752" W

The times that we had, The good and the bad
The things that we shared,could never be compared
You were my everything, My water and air
You made my heart smile, It lasted a while

I loved you with all, It was not just a feeling
Now it's all gone, our dreams are done
All I have left, are the records and letters
To remind me of you, my sweet loving boo

I hate what I did, I was a stupid kid
I didn't know what I had, I always got mad
I miss what we had, more than just a tad
You were so perfect, with no defect

Your smile gave me goosebumps,It was out of ordinary
Your soft sweet words, were like cute chipping birds
Your amazing eyes, Gave me butterflies
Your soft loving touch, I miss it so much

All I ask, is a small task
Please forgive me, Don't torture me
I wish you the best, be happy and blessed
I lived on mistakes, That's why I lost you,
my baby cakes.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i enjoyed the poem
if its meant to be-it will come
great job in expressing yourself-always remember to be grateful for what you have

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