A Treasure Untouchable

It felt good
It felt good to have someone call my name
To bring me happiness and play love games
It felt great
It felt great to have a partner in crime
To have a lover to love and a love to call mine
It felt smooth
It felt smooth to have your skin on my skin
We’d wake up on clouds and feel the bliss from within
I felt alive
Just one look from you and my soul felt awake
My heart started to pound and hands started to shake
I felt loved
We had a connection, and you made me joyous and whole
You kissed my sheer presence and amplified my soul
Almost eternal
Although it’s come to an end and you’ve moved on to a few
I think of our love often…. and write a poem about you
I never question the authenticity and if it were true
Just know when I cross your mind every hour, your crossing mine too


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