One of these days ..One of these nights


One of these days of these nights...We won't fight and everythings gonna be alrightOne of these days one of these nights ........One of these nights everything will be alrightBut on this night just doesn't feel rightThis night your not holding me tightOn this night we had a fight,and it just doesn't sit rightWith me ......i just want you to see.....that without you ..its so empty inside of meOne of these days one of these days.....But on this day ..its not ok ...this day I need you here On this day I have nothing but fear ....all because I know i need you hereOne of these days one of these nights....ohhhhh of these days one of these nights....maybe we could get it rightOhhhh ohhhh,wouldn't that be such a sightBut on this day ......on this day im glad to say Everythings ok .....all because of you .....You gave me some kinda hope                   all because of you...And the way you make me feel when were alone.....its like getting high......without the dope

This poem is about: 
My family


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