Temporarily Together Forever


United States
31° 12' 53.5248" N, 89° 17' 5.01" W

Together forever
that's the promise you made to me
the shirt that you made even said that we could be

Together forever
yes, we was so in love
no one could tell me nothing
around you i was high like a dove

Together forever
never temporary, i thought
you fed me lies and even got me to talk

Together forever
you let them get in the way
you never said anything
thats why it became a temporary stay

Together forever
yes forever i thought
i loved you to the fullest
then it began the become a drought

Together forever
the break up came next
never knew you felt that way
i felt a poundin my chest

Together forever
i cried and cried and cried
and i even asked God why?

Together forever
it was only temporary
i'll never fall again


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