Before you

Before you, I had everything planned out.

But the moment you came into my rear view eye sight you grabbed my heart and molded it like play doh into something that could only fit in the palm of your hands

with you my life has never been such a contradiction feeling so trapped yet so free at the same time

every inhale and exhale gets me closer to the day that i dream

of waking up and not needing sunshine because you shine twice as bright before my eyes

your touch relieves every ache and pain that i didnt know existed until your soul lightly brushed over the contours of my heart leaving trails that only you can follow

your heart touches my heart like an ocean flirts with the shoreline moving in and out in and out in and out

and never have i seen such a fine sight

than the way the wind blows whispered i love yous through the locks of your hair or how the dancing sun beams, hiding behind your casting rays

yes i know, people ask how can i be so blind to everything around me and i reply how can they be so blind

to the way that you sway back and forth when listening to a melodious tune or the twiddling of your thumbs as you stare off deep in thought

no, how can they be so blind

to the rays that radiate everytime your mouth twitches into a smile that's tooken years to perfect

with you day is day and night is night regardless of whether the moon or sun is out because

time has so much more purpose when its spent with someone that stops it every time you lay eyes upon them


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