All in a dream


United States
30° 22' 24.5064" N, 96° 48' 49.1904" W

I feel like I'm a million miles away,
running on a road moving in the wrong direction.
Tryin to get to you .....
why do i bother, why do i care?
When all i get is empty words.
Empty arms I run into
I wish I could see more than just a shadow of you.

The essence of our love lay dull in the wind.
The throbbing pain is all I feel'
you hold my heart , my dreams, my whole world in the palm of your hand.

Dropping down into the fabrics of time .
no matter what i say or do
all the words that escape from my lips are lost and flung onto def ears.

No one can hear the pieces of my broken heart screaming.
Only you hold the antidote to my pain.
A smile in the dark a flicker in the light,
you gleam as if this is all a game .
clocks are not melting and the sweet tast of blood cant quinch your wicked thirst.
words you do not understand come flying at me
like a current in the waves pulling me under your spell

If you do not think you want to fly with me my dear
the open the window and set my heart free.
release me from this dangerous game
if i am not all you desire .
leave your hypnotic words behind and allow me to be free .
Free of this cruel puppet master that you have become,
Let the strings be cut.
Release me from this rabit hole.


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