Memories of Happiness Past

Her hypnotizing eyes, so full of life look at me.

Her luscious lips stretch into a charming smile.

She reaches out for me.

Her warm, sweet breath hits my face.

I embrace her, but only manage to hug empty air.


I open my eyes and wonder what went wrong.

We used to be so happy now I am so forlorn.

I can’t live like this for long,

But as much as I try to move on,

I continue lingering onto the memories of happiness past.


We met what appear to be ages ago.

Her beauty captivated me, my heart ached for her.

How I longed to hold her in my arms,

How I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

She was my very own goddess of happiness.


I wallowed in bliss when she agreed to be mine.

My life made much more sense now that she was in it.

We were happy till we were not.

We belonged to each other till we did not.

She was mine till she was not.


On a bended knee I pray,

Oh Lord how I need her back.

The empty space on my bed haunts me.

That ugly empty space left where she used to lie.

It signifies many ugly spaces in my life.


Oh the ugly emptiness left where she used to lie,

How much it reminds me of the empty space in my soul.

Oh, how I crave for it to be replenished.

It hurts, it burns, and the pain is unbearable.

Oh, how it aches.


It hurts to know that I lost something many only wish they had.

We never miss the water till the well runs dry.

Consequently, we take it for granted when we still have it.

So now I have to keep holding on.

Holding onto the memories of happiness past

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