Roses are red Viloets


Roses are red 

Viloets are blue

The ocen swirls

just like I did for you

You broke my heart once

You tore our love apart

You expect me to come back

But you're wrong

I don't know what happened 

I don't know why you left

I did everything for you

But that wasn't enough

Today is a new day

Yesterday is over

Tomorrow is new

Just like the person I'm going to be

The ocean has stopped

Everything is new

Everyting is steady

Everything I want it to be



Hope I did this right!


You misspelled ocean in the third line of you poem. Overall its good!!!

BettyAnn Ware

Despite Curiosities


I gaze into the souls of those who peek at me

I see imperfections daily

I stand stagnant as the world passes by

I am an open book never to shy

I am flattering and often cruel

I carve my name in this world with a jagged tool

I am a glimps at what was or is to come

I am many times the cause to rum

I view the lonely and cold

Secrets I always hold

I await my next encounter with a yearning soul

I am crystal clear as pressed coal

I see the deepest of those who look at me

But no one ever see’s me, despite their curiosity


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