You, Me, and Time

Time stands still for you and I


Others it seems to take more than it should

While we get lost in memories

Time is passing us

And every moment counts

While we hide safe from everything

Under blankets

Time still flows

In the outside world

Whether we are part of it or not

Time will leave us behind

While our hands clasp tightly

Fingers intertwined

Time is slowly unraveling

And soon it will

Untangle us from each other

And our time will be lost

How can I be part of time

If you are not there with me

The clocks can run out of what fuels them

And time will still surge forward

But if I run out of our love which fuels me

I don’t think I can carry on

Time will pass though

With you gone

My eyes will see us in those halls

And I will live in my past

Stuck, lost in the memories of us

And our time together

Seconds trickle by like water through my hands

We have only so much sand in our hourglass

So let’s not waste any of it

I want to spend all of our time

Cuddled under blankets because

Even if time moves outside

We are protected and together

Until the blankets are thrown off by

An uninvited monster

Let’s hold our hands together

Until something stronger tears them apart


This poem is about: 
Our world



hi poet friend your verses bang in the head and heart I love the dreams your verses explore - an angel has rocked you for your poetry spins before you good wishes fair follower


thank you for such lovely words, I truly have beautiful people in my life that make writing poetry so easy

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