: Cold No Sympathy

He says Don't u think of me as much as I think of you ?
Every morning you are on my mind I'm turning over not to find my warm soft embracing kiss along the beauty of your hair line forehead , cheek watching you as you sleep wondering will you stay or will you leave. . me
But yet this morning my bed was cold I'm reaching out for you but you are not here for me to hold .
Do you think of me when you're away ?
What can I do to get you to stay. . Home this is not just a house it's our home together we have built but selfly you have destroyed selfishly YOU have destroyed!!
As I have broken this beautiful mans heart turned this wolf into a cub I have no care because when the heart of my love was there it was unappreciated and told "Why take sand to the beach?" Do you know how many times that replayed in my head and made me think. .
Why am I allowing you to even get the enjoyment of waking next to me. . . If sand is even what you think of me!!
So don't sympathize for the broken heart man when the broken heart man didn't sympathize for me.


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