On Forever...


United States
35° 54' 16.758" N, 86° 46' 18.4872" W

Lives intersect,
Few ever connect
For eternity,

Or even for more,
Than a moment,
Before they are torn,
And sent

In every possible direction,
But ours resonated,
Leaving a collection
Of memories we created.

Now all that remains,
Is people estranged
From the pain
Of forced change,

That's my fault,
My ignorance
Like salt
On a wound opened at every chance.

I wish we could go back
To the place before,
But I realize you and I lack,
The trust we had before I tore

Us apart.
I realize,
We can't just restart,
And rise,

Above this,
I'm sorry I was the one to twist
Our starry

Into a thunderstorm
That consumes all in sight,
And left us forlorn.


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