Little bird I miss you

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 21:37 -- venyx

Little bird I miss you
and the way you used to
kiss me slow all you wanted
from me was me and I think
that was the only thing we
ever did right.

Little bird you made me
brave; I wanted to face
down the world because I
had you and all I needed was
you. When you were gone
I learned that life is like sleeping
on concrete. My bones became
metal, my cheeks were river
beds, and my eyes were
hurricanes and hardness.

Little bird I can’t face
down the world because
when I opened my eyes
I saw and screamed;
the real world
is a dark place
and everything is
wrong wrong wrong and I
am so small and I am so
fragile and my heart is
so easily broken.

But little bird, the fact
that you are alive gives me
hope, and maybe someday
I’ll be able to keep my eyes
open and still find happiness
in the dark.


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