I’m trying not to lose these fading memories,
Because they’re all that I have left of you,
Even when the pain brings me to my knees
And I can’t breathe because I’ve glimpsed the hue
Of your eyes, even then, I still cling to
This ever fraying thread of days gone by,
Because the worst pain of all is forgetting you….
Yet still I wish some memories would lie;
I can’t forget you never said goodbye,
And (no matter how much my heart might disagree,)
I can not picture you struggling not to cry
Out in pain, still haunted by thoughts of me,
Thoughts of lost tomorrows will never be.
I used to think what we had was true love,
I used to think that we were meant to be,
And, sometimes, I still do, when push comes to shove,
I may not have fallen completely out of love,
But now I think I might be ready to let go
Of some of these fading memories of
You. It’s not as if you’ll ever even know.


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