Why I Asked You Out

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 10:43 -- xissiar

I asked you out not because I want you to know me

I’m not even sure I want to know you

I asked you out so I have something to write my poetry about.


You are so beautiful, so young and wild and bright

And you shine like the Texas sun in July

And it burns

But I stare anyway

Knowing there are things I’ll never understand, and you are one of them.


I asked you out not because you’re beautiful

But because you’re battered and bruised, inked and marked

You’ve been trifled with, you’ve fought more than a few battles

I don’t know how many you won

I’m not sure I want to.


I asked you out because you winked at me

And said I didn’t take enough chances

And that one day the world would pass me by

All because I was too comfortable in it’s shadows


After that I wrote line after line of poetry 

And scratched it all out until it tore the paper

I asked you out because I had hoped you’d clear the ink stains from my desk

But when it came down to it, you only added more


I didn’t know what I started

I only wanted to write poetry, I never wanted you in your entirety 

We both knew the contrast, how you were the light and I was your shadow

And when you burned even brighter, I had no choice but to disappear.


The truth is, I’ll never be the same after that

I stared at the sun until it burnt itself into my eyes

And it is so fitting that you’re the only thing I see now


I asked you out because I cannot conquer the sun

But I was willing to set myself on fire 

Just to give it a chance


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