in my defense


United States
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In my defense
(You have none)
I just needed someone to lean on
(For a while, then be done)
It’s not my fault you wanted more
(Told you I wasn’t like her)
And it’s been a year, yeah, I’m sure
(Can’t stop thinking about us being together)
You should be over us
(At least over me)
But your “I want to see you” rang a little… needy
(And that’s me being sweet)
I’m not sure how to tell you
(I’ve moved on, bigger fish to fry)
Without crushing what’s left of your pride
(It’s so easy to make you cry)
I feel wicked
(At least a little mean)
But hey, that’s life, move on, be free
(Because you and I weren’t ever really “we”)


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