Love Like A Dream


When I heard how she felt I couldn't stop from grinning,
But everyone told us from the very beginning,
"You're too young, this is wrong,
You won't last that long."
But we swore to them and to each other
We would be different, we would be better
It would always be the two of us,
Both of us together.
Still, we felt the pressure wherever we'd go,
Making it harder not to one day hear "I told you so."
We tried so hard to do our best,
And prayed that God would take care of the rest.
But it seemed we were never told we did anything right,
Only scolded when we did something wrong,
Keeping us awake, worried late at night, 
Afraid of thinking we wouldn't last long.
And although it wasn't true, At the time that's how it seemed,
Just me and her against the world, with a love like a dream.
Nevertheless, every dream must come to end
Only this time, the cost would be losing a friend.
For just like in a dream, you don't know you are dreaming
You just look at the blue sky and the sun beams, beaming
Making me feel so alive, with her hand in mine.
With no recollection of the passing time.
But in reality a storm cloud was coming
And everyone headed to the hills running,
All the while we thought we were smart and cunning
To weather the storm so stunning
And finally be free from the looks of the world scared running.
We were happy and alone when it started to rain,
Until the rain brought the pain and it started to pour,
And so we swore to each other that we would endure.
But as the wind started blowing and the sun began to set,
We had to see just how far we could get.
Had I only known that the dream was near the end
I wonder if I would've found a way to keep my friend.
And as it goes when waking up from a dream,
You find that nothing was ever as it seamed.
Just as the downpours turn to steady rain, turns to infrequent showers,
And the sunrise reflects off water dripping off every flower,
So the memories of a fading dream dissolve with every passing hour.
For when love is like a dream, you'll always close your eyes 
Only to have them open to the most deplorable surprise.


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