Glue falls apart at some point

Are we broken?
Are we nothing?
Nothing to you even though we were glue.
Attached the joints.
I guess glue falls apart at some point.
As easily as put together we are we fell over at the slightest
I guess glue falls apart at some point.
We made each other happy.
Even through hell we were there,
Holding each near and dear
Glue falls apart at some point.
Through pints of ice cream
We told our problems
But when I let guts spill
Still you held out
Glue falls apart at some point.
You changed in a away I can't get ahold of
He disappeared and so did your love.
Glue Must Fall Apart at some point.
You stopped talking
But still you kept changing!
Confused and unsure
what to do!
I'd give you space that I made sure.
Glue must fall apart at some point.
I'm putting my foot down!
This I hate so much!
I don't know what to give you
You won't talk.
I can't be there,
If I think you can walk.
We fell apart at some point.
You're falling that's for sure
But you didn't let me know
Till there was no cure.
No cure to the loneliness you trapped yourself in
Certain to it that there was no end
No end to the aspiring loneliness
Left their forgotten
You drifted off feeling this way
You weren't alone but still,
We fell apart at some point.

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