What you may feel on the inside

Memories come and go
people may fade a way
love may conquer all

Someone may create this side
you never knew
but its good
its new
its exciting
he may have figured out stuff before you did
he may have realized a lot because you got giggly
and just could agree
therefore didn't know what to say
because he was so on to you with really no effort
just knew how you felt
just knew what you wanted
you may try to deny it
but he figure it out even if you denied it
everything felt so good
felt so right
felt new
felt exciting
you feel so happy
you feel giggly
you feel smiley
you feel good
you feel amazing
you feel butterflies in your tummy
you feel sparks from different stuf
you feel so incredible in way too many ways
you feel you don't know how to exactly describe but know how you feel
just from everything it just seems perfect
he could tell how you feel
you were able to open up to him about stuff really quickly
just all that happened
nothing was expected
but glad it happened
it may have created attachment to someone
it may have caused you to like someone
it may have caused a lot of new memories that you appreciate
it may have caused someone to really miss someone
it may have created a lot of things not expected
but all and all
you are glad all of it happened
glad you hung out
glad where it went from there
just happy with the whole outcome of it
who knows where it will go now
maybe it will go somewhere
maybe it will go no where
maybe only time will tell you where it will go
good or bad
love may conquer all
your heart may know what it wants
or it may not know what it wants
time will tell
you will see
what the future holds


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