Tell Me Everything About Her

When people ask me about you
I tell them that you hate asparagus
But delight in broccoli
I tell them about how you tell stories
Like they're action movies even if
It's just about a trip to the store for milk

When people ask me about you
I can tell them about your sticker collection that decorates your entire room
Or about how you won't return to your room for hours if even one insect invades it

I don't tell them about how you talk in your sleep
Or how you get the same crinkle in your forehead when you're dreaming that you do when you sneeze
I don't say that you smell like forests and cherry blossoms

I don't tell them about how I'm fairly certain you have actual sunshine hidden in your laugh
Or that moods hit you like a hurricane and that sunshine hides away for days at a time

When people ask me about you
I might say that you drive so fast I don't think the police could catch you if they tried
I might say that your favourite flower is a daffodil because they bloom on your birthday

But I would never let slip from my lips
That you need protection and that it's best to let you think you do everything on your own or to let you help with things one could do on their own
Because you need to feel completely competent and useful

When people ask about you
I would probably tell them about
How you listen to led zeppelin constantly and how if they were to call you, they could hear it through the phone
I might say that you paint the prettiest pictures and dance the prettiest dances
Because those things are all true

But I could never say out loud
The way you bottle up criticism
Or the way your hands do most of the talking, especially when we are alone
I keep to myself how
You always sleep with your hair up
And that you love your little brother more than anything
Which are all also true

When people ask me about you
I tell them how I loved you

But I couldn't tell them how much even if I tried


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Well expressed! Powerful poetry! Keep sharing! 


Thank you very much! 

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

I really like how you express it all. 

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

I really hope you continue to express yourself! 

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