The Rabbit Hole

“will you remember me?”

but remembrance is a funny thing

my love

you can roll around in memory

you can comfort yourself

on soft, downy stuffed


You’ve created for yourself

three times over

visiting the

“has-been” spots

you used to

hold so dear

hold me, dear

hold on

I’m slipping

the subconscious is a slippery place

You lose your memories of me

on the island of misfit moments

you thought were so special

but now are filed under


for things





You MR

You and Me.



“will you remember me?”

the question is simple

I could say yes

but would that be lying?

what if I forget

to remember


“will you remember me?”

but how do we know we won’t


down the rabbit holes of each others


waiting for the chance we might

slip, ourselves,

in a dream

and stumble over the memories of each other


“will you remember me?”

I don’t know

I forgot.



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