What I will never tell you.


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I miss your soft lips. I miss your white T's. I miss how whenever I tried to get the hair out of your face you would shake it right back over your smirk. I miss the scracth of your unshaved face on my cheek. The feeling of your mustache as it would bite the top of my lip. And this is all so hard cause your the love of my life and it kills me. I try to act like I am all fine. But I cant handle it when i turn off the lights. Your breathing, the soft pulse of your heart is the only way to get to sleep at night.
Remember when we walked down mill avune and we were to broke and young to get it. You held my hand and slightly stoopid was playing. You stoped in the middle of the street and kissed me, it made me cry. I swear it was the best night of my life. I cant tell you I love it, i dont want to ruin what we have. I have to live with it locked away inside me. Your the love of my life and it kills me.


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