Cruel Duel

Love is patient

Love is kind

Love had broke this heart of mine

Now this heart, it shall woe

Because you still won’t let it go

Love me gentle

Love me sweet

Love my cracks and thimble feet

Hold my heart

Don’t let it go

Indecisive is the foe

Break my soul

Then glue it back

The scar will stay

Full heart attack

Bruised and broken

Blush and bow

This opponent’s playing foul

Crush my fingers

Strain my back

Snap my legs

And set them back

Pain is blinding

Red from blue

Bleed the love lust

Tell the truth

Popping veins

And blisters, too

Pity falls

Then greets the fool

Stab my sides

And make me drool

This is not

A one sided duel

Shave my faith

And slit the truth

Burn the hate

And sear the proof

Where’s this love

It sounds so kind

I guess it’s not

Mine to find.


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