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looking towards lunar I imagined something in consequence I closed my eyes felt my existence escaping from the world It is the blurred image of someone to unclose my eyes, it isn't allowing me,
With you, in you, beside you, behind you, in front of you. All around you.
To be worth a lifetime Such a beautiful lifetime, infact never in this lifetime will I allow love to take my soul and darken my eyesight,
i still think of them to this day. why cant they get out of my mind. they hate me. i should hate them to but i dont
When you asked me  what i wanted to be  when I'm older, my heart screamed "yours", but instead I smiled and said "a writer".
Next to you is the quietest my mind has ever been, the noise has finally found its peace.   Next to you my scars, insecurities and fears  Have developed into stars.
i glance down at his hands but they do not hold mine it's someone else   i look into his eyes but his gaze does not hold mine it's someone else   i look at his scrapped knees
To Him. To Her. To the beginning. To the End. To the things I want to un-know.   His dad’s old guitar that he picked up and tried to play with little to no success.
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,im,him,im him from sun up to sun down everytime i open up my weepy eyes to another sunlight im me im him better then most look the best no future in the front i go hard im him  the name the face the groove the smooth im hi
What Color is Love What color is love? Is it, Morning rays of tangerine and lemon- yellow arms warming my melanin through the window?
You are comfort You are hope You are a light behind a sea of air that I once thought was a wall of despair You are pure You are true Your mere presence calms me
Reality hit you and you got a taste of failure. Time and experience have taught you to trust no one. Friends, lovers, and even family have forsaken you. You keep the shattered pieces of your heart in a box.
When we don’t talk, I feel nostalgic and I want nothing more than to be around you. I long for you, why I’ll never know.
In my dreams Is the only place I can be with you Without remorse Or pain In my dreams I am full of life And love And hope Happy And home with you
You told me, "It's over..." again. I know that, Jorge... It's been over. You know that and I know that.. And of course... You KNOW I know that.. So who was the validation for?
We've been down this road before. Each time it hurts a little more. I really don't know WHAT you want from me. When we are doing good, WHY won't you let it be? I KNOW that you love me, don't say that you don't...
There's nothing more I'd like to do, then snuggle in close and fall asleep with you..
I really want to call you... & tell you I still care... But I know you won't say it back.... & I don't think it's fair..
If I could build the truth for you, I'd make it out of titanium steel... I'd weld it together with all of the reasons -WHY- I STILL feel the way that I feel...
FOR: My Ex Now, but My Love ONE 4ever.. J.G. (*BTW, MOST of poems are about him....) I'm glad you took everything that would remind me of you.. Cause I don't want to remember anything we went through.
I love you I love your eyes, The way I can always see what you're thinking. I love your smile, The way you cheeks crinkle at the sides and your lips thin. Oh, god, those dimples I love your laugh,
I find myself in a waking realization, Away went the sadness and the sinning temptations. The more I don’t think, the more I forget,
Life is tough when you fall so easy, you never see it coming Smiles make you melt, words shatter dreams of the lonely It's tough when he only looks at you, you fall faster
She gave him everything she had. Her body, soul, and heart, She thought they would be together forever. Her eyes folded into her face,
Poetry- It wasn't till I fell in love that I finally understood poetry. I can honestly say I didn't expect it, and God knows I did my best to hide from it- But here's the thing- I am a chasm of supressed emotion.
Poetry- It wasn't till I fell in love that I finally understood poetry. I can honestly say I didn't expect it, and God knows I did my best to hide from it- But here's the thing- I am a chasm of supressed emotion.
I'm not going to write about you anymore I can't they're all sick of you and it's all my fault when I talk about you I want to scream that they're not listening they don't pay attention anymore
Driving up the mountain just to see the sunrise I saw something that really caught my eye  I saw the trees that stand proudly in the summer And I couldn´t help but say they reminded me of her 
Your pink, rosey lips delicately fell onto the bones of my hips. Your beaming, bright smile can send my heartbeat and I traveling over a mile. Your dainty, lingering fingertips, could repair sinking ships.
My heart cries out for you, my mind is not exactly where it should be, because I can't think of anything else but you! But I guess that what happened when you in love. By chieww pal 
they say follow your heart but i dont know which piece to follow im trapped in this cage that you left me in   i heard you found someone new her name is chloe is that right?
Him. I imagined him.  He held me. How nice it was. His kiss was power. His flaws belonged to me. His losses drained me. I lost a part of who I was. I became cold and rigid. I began to doubt.
You fall asleep so quickly,  One minute i can be reading facts about stars, And the next you're fully asleep without the slightest idea as to what i was talking about. I love that so much, I love you. 
It is not me who over thinks. It is you who does the over thinked.
You can either trick her into thinking your special Or You can threaten to leave her Which one would you rather kill her with?
You told the bird you don't like the way it sits on my wrist. You don't like how it would permanently stay. You don't like its meaning. And to make you happy the bird would have to sacrifice its own life in pain.
Something in my gut tells me to just run away, move on and find someone less difficult but then a spark of hope ignites in my heart and says
Think you're all that Grab a girl and plant a kiss and say you can't help cheating Here they all come rushing back This one this one is mad at you now cause you went and kissed the new girl
As I look up at the clear blue sky I see your green eyes looking at me with a great demise While your nose crinkles at the forgotten smell of freshly cut grass
There seems to always be one person. The one person in my head that never escapes. They have made a home in my head, with stories and a nice comfy bed and a room all to themselves. I think of them often, I think of you often.
Think about it.
You are what betters me.  I don't know how, but you do.  You changed me without even telling me. You didn't change me though. You made me better.  A better version of myself.  A better me. 
She watched him as he watched TV. "What?" he asked,  giving life to his dimples. "Nothing," she murmured, admiring every constellation that made up his being.
To my dearest little Heart, How could you do this to me? It seems you have forgotten the part You play in this hierarchy   Let me remind you of your place: I call the shots around here, not you.
No one knows her the way I do!   You're right, my love. No one knows me the way you do.  
I need you to tell me where I went wrong I’ve spent too many nights, afraid of something I do not know Terrified, that I might make the same mistake But it’s a hundred times more powerful than you think
I am in love with the way you speak,But more than that,I am in love with the way you think.How your train of thought twists and turns amongst quicksand,How you walk to Jupiter and back,
Ode to You:  
List of Things You Do Not Understand:  
To You, Maybe I wasn't the best thing that happened to you. But I did happen to you. This was real. I breathed and lived inside your heart, so don't you dare tell me This wasn't real.
The stars in his eyes  Sparkle like the midday sun Always guiding me   He supports my dreams Letting me live through white stars And the steam of my coffee   He compliments me
Because you love me you sat up all night Despite having work the next morning, early So I could cry over nothing Because my anxiety told me “Warning: OVERWHELMED”  
my heart has been raised in the dark the light was a foreign feel it was too late to stop the start to my broken heart it was surreal when he looked into my soul it was like an electric shock
There's a lot of pop songs about love, and as a doctor? Yikes.Your heart skipping a beat isn't love, it's cardiac arrhythmia
She has hair that falls over her shoulders in straight caramel colored strands. She has blue eyes that are perfect pictures of the ocean . She is a good 4 inches taller than me and looks great in everything. And she has you
When I see you, the light I feel in the corners of my mind turn to day and lit up is the thoughts of anticipation that your lips may touch mine and the world will once again make love to the sun.
Spring  sprouted alive in his smile, In the skies turned an iridescent blue,In the winds that matted his hair with wild lilies,In the early morning dew, In the thin and transparent leaves
You left me, yes it hurts,  your the only one who really did love me? yes I'm still in love. you gave me your all, you choice the drugs. yet, your still in my thoughts.
with eager eyes and a hopeful heart i look up to you, seeing only but the man of my dreams. the sun would come from behind your head, giving you a halo that could have only been worn by you, my love.
What if I'll tell you I was there, would you run towards me? What if I'll tell I was with you for years, would you believe in me?
  At times you remind me of a glistening sunset and other times a raging storm, you drive me absolutely insane in the best and worst ways.
Don't you ever wonder where he is if he even thinks about you everyday if you are the first thing on his mind in the morning and the last thing before he goes to sleep   You're young and so is he
(Written June 28, 2017) Eight months ago today, I met you. 
She sits on the swing right outside her window.   The window where she use to sneak out of every night.   It's 1 in the morning and her thoughts lead her back.  
She looks at you and sees the galaxy in your eyes, the ocean in your soul. She sees the sadness in your smile. Yet, she loves you with every drop of her soul's ocean.
We were supposed to bike through Central Park and ride through the trees.We were supposed to take a trip to the shore and sleep on the beach.We were supposed to plant your garden and protect it from the bees.We were supposed to cuddle all night in
His beauty is unspeakable and incomparable; not because his words are able to inflict pain upon me, but because his heart will forever beat in sync with mine.
Remember when you laid next to me in my bedYou remember, yeah don't you?Covers over us and bodies pressed togetherYou loved me, didn't you?Well that's what you said when we were done fucking
B L I N D I see the way he looks at her He wants her He would brighten her The perfect two Oh, joy! Like they were matched Meant to be But, She's too blind!
rhythme after rhythme, beat after beat, millions on my mind, call after call, understand me now? hug after hug, kiss on my lips, should i give you tips? he just be trippin, but we go long, we make trillions
Replacing a gun with a pen is the reality he chose to get away from them,  He always kept his hood in his heart, Remained true because his momma kept it real from the start. If he only had the time to spare,
And I crave his hugs I crave his touch I crave his love. And it would be enough, because just a minute spent with you,  honlding your hand, would be a thousand times better than getting high on drugs.
Do you see him I sure you don't He stands to my right He touches my hip He isn't Verry nice
do you know how exhausting it was to rebuild what he had broke? the walls that he so violently tore down? the fire within me that he slowly extinguished? the shelter that left me stripped raw and helpless?
Looking at his bright green eyes, He makes me feel butterflies. The sun smiles bright on his face Every time he’s at someplace. His love is chocolate sweet,
I told myself to stay away from boys stay away from any relationships and that i would be safe and somehow "diffrent"  but i walked into a small sushi joint and that all changed.
Changed because of this Stayed the same because of that In the darkest place Mental health eating me alive My uncontrollable mind enjoying the taste of my tears My aching heart yearning for love
The light from the morning peeks through the shades Highlighting his frizzy, dirty blond hair. He rests his head upon my shoulder. We stand outside in the cold of autumn Waiting in line for a show.
His touch His whisper His eyes His mouth I miss it Come back Don't go I'm sorry.
He got me feeling good, With his hands around my waist; His lips are on my neck; Our bare chests are touching; He has me feeling good when he is looking at me with lust.   He has me feeling good,
Him. A three letter word that titles my biggest distraction. My largest secret.  My most unfiltered thoughts.    I don't know how these feelings and excuses came to be titled Him,
Three words that mean a lot to me First three words that made me happyWhen you told me those "I love you" and nothing else
I can see your brown eyes  piercing inside of me  finding something  I'm not certain of    I can feel your soft lips kissing me goodnight  everytime we say our goodbye's
I've wished my mays, I've wished my mights, My love for you goes beyond, All the twinkles in the starry night. I loved you then, I love you now, I'll love you forever, For this is my vow.
It's the color of fire as it dances in the wind, alone. It's the hue of her lips as she leaves a trail on his neck, like a sentence that will never be finished. It's the color that rushes to your fingertips
The blood rushed through him As she spoke of what had happened to her He loved her so Composing a plan of what to do  
His words lift my heart On wings like an eagle's So it soars. His voice surrounds me. "Shawnee." That is what I am hearing. Then I awake to find that it was only just a dream.
His eyes They light up like stars When he's not being a loner   His smile It lights up a whole room When he uses it   His laugh Sweet, it sounds with joy
See now it is over you are with him I must give up  and have hope for something else move on  move on  move on you have potential  move on your mind must belong to yourself 
He walked in and he left He left and he came His heart and his soul Was put to shame   I watched and I waited I waited for his gesture I couldn’t compare him To any other sinner  
I saw him From across the room I knew he would never be mine So I simply looked and admired from afar Unknowing he was doing the same to me Caught in seperate worlds United by a common thread
all these colors rushing up to greet me all these ups and downs adrenaline running all these beautiful voices surround me exceat for one thats in my head that's in my heart
I am nothing without him. For he is who has me all. I climb trees, limb from limb To hope he catches me if I fall. They say he is not right, What did he do wrong?
My ambition was not to fall, I lost my balance when I saw, My attention was drawn, One look could do it all. You ask a question, I say I do. I felt like I was dying, I swear I had the flu.
I can't live without him. I physically could, but I mentally can not. He is my rock. He is my best friend. He is always by my side. He does not judge me. He encourages me. He loves me.
Alone.Together.Us.You bring mejoy    sorrow.love    hatred.You make melaugh    cry.love    hate.fall    pick myself    back up.Him.
I wished I LOVED you It would be so much SIMPLER   To LOVE you But NO  I don't LOVE you What I feel is less the LOVE  But more then I SHOULD  because the SIMPLE fact of the matter is  That I shouldn't fell anything but respect for you. I have put
He made flowers grow in her heart and the demons in her head egnite. He caused her a lot of pain but his love was a piece of beauty.
      I often spend many a sleepless night, Wondering if I could make things right. I know of your hatred of me,
"Find yourself         Your not from here  Your fatal flaw                Your fatal fear  Find you friend             Keep them near  Into the depths  Over the edge you peer 
"Ok did that word escape my lips again  Afaid When did I start with just pretend Relief Is there none here now for me? Believe  I'm strong enough with Him Courage
Heavens' gates open wide as a new soul approaches slowly.  Crisp air frightens the new arrival,  yet there is freedom. Freedom in knowing the choice was his. 
He touched my skin, He kissed my lips. He told me I was special, He made me believe.  Maybe love is real, even for someone like me. But then she came along and stole him away.
Three o’clock; A Monday morning Fingers interlock Your wrist crossing in the front I look at you until you notice And turn my attention as soon as you do I walk with my head down
You always told me I reminded you of red roses And suddenly I’m nine years old Dirtying my favorite white dress in a garden I’d sneak out to Picking petals off of sunflowers
Who woulda thought Thunk Think Thinking about you I find myself thinking about you Why What How do you do it It? Take up so much space in my brain
God answer us when we are in distress   may You protect us send us help and support   to make our plans a success make us shout in joy   make us victorious
Saintly silent waits he, to have a silent slight glimpse of her again, he silently misses her milky face, her big round eyes.   Saintly he waits silent, for his silent alarm to ring again,
Every day is a new moon the same the sun shines brighter than my name the clock ticks with every certainty that tomorrow will come this certainty is fact. The same certainty that you will tell me you love me the next day.
You have filled my lungs with your smoke, You have stained the backs of my eyelids. When they speak of love, I feel you. When I close my eyes, I see you. I wish I could let you go,
“Life is just all about a pair of smile” Life isn’t just about smile; it means get ready for some crazy shit that might happen. Life is about get rid of something that always hurt you,
I've always been afraid of love.
So I run back towards the one waiting, Making me fall to my knees crying, As every human being leaves me, I can only cry out "Lord save me!"   When my trust for them gets trampled to the ground,
On my cheek he'll kissThat's something that I'll missHis fingers between mineAnd how he smelled of pineHis giggle lingers in my earHis voice is oh so dearI miss the grey of his eyes
Him. A Poem The first time I saw Him, I was thirteen, The classroom bold, and My thoughts clouded with Thoughts of him.
A little bit of sass, a little bit of cheek A little smile from him can make me go weak.
do you ry at 3 in the mornin worryin bout me roamin
But baby I swear I never meant to hurt you, 
Fallen victim to his desolate lies
Him- Stella D’Vine The intense heat. The suppressed emotions. The jittery body. The fluttering of the stomach. The queasy uneasiness. The tingling sensation. The silent squeals.
His arms wrap miles around me. His soul holds my cold heart with exuding warmth. He has melted me, and molded me into something deserving of love.
You're my bright light at night When I'm alone you're my moon You're my secret garden, my paradise away from the rest of the world. When you hold me I'm yours When you look at me, I'm yours
His hazel eyes melt me,  his touch is iressitable,  the stars shine in his eyes, I see my whole world in him,  just the thought of him gives me chills, my soul mate,  its him.
I was blind but I'm starting to see All this time you've been lying to me You picked my brain just to find My idea of a perfect guy Then everything I said to you You took in & began to do
I can see it in you're eyes The way you look at me. I love it, you're so amazing. 
Life has its ups and downs Mistakes and lessons learn Friends and Enemies And family and strangers Life can display some of the sweetes shows Yet it can all end with a dreadful nightmare
I'm breathing in And I'm already addicted again  Your love is a drug   I inhaled  But now I'm breathing, Hard off of your love    People notice the past me again 
MY God  MY GOD, How long did it take to create such a beautiful Child? I know it took a beautiful while,
I think the saddest word is maybe Maybe I did It Maybe it was not me Maybe I will never admit   If I may be a good girl  Maybe I should wait
"Fireworks" you murmured That summer afternoon Wrapped in your arms on the couch  A kiss that ended so soon   It was my first with you Beforehand didn't matter
I have trouble keeping my imaginary body together, Free from the safe house of epidermal covering and rippling plasma I used to be enamored, in love with the entity that led me to my self-destruction
I wish I had the words To make you fall in love with me. But you are So much more than I deserve. I’m terrified of Scaring you away… Please don’t leave.
Him. He is all. He is one. He knew what would happen when time was done. Time. The time we live in does not last forever. So how can one say that we will always be together? It’s not a gift.
Him and I had to take a break So I guess you can say I went on a retired leave   For the simple fact I was tired of the same predictable sensory His touch is no longer familiar like a stranger in the night  
Joy. Happiness.  Things that decribe me. I live for him. He died for me.  In desprate times, He is there. When no one is around, I know He comforts me. We learn from His word and teachings.
I close my eyes, you are the first thing I see. Your beautiful face, that gorgeous smile.   What is it about you that makes my heart race? Your voice soft as a baby's breath...  
  I smile too much when he texts me Everything he says makes me grin Down at my phone Down at my computer Down at him   He makes me want to listen to country songs
And whilst you were sleeping, I sang by your ear, while our hearts beat as one, And I watched over you, As your head rested upon my arm.
And at last, We lay together, in the dark, Looking into each others eyes, and then I knew, I just loved you so, so much...
I wish I could say that I was a witness to the stars, but that is a lie. I would say I am a witness to the majesty of the great ocean, but that is also a lie.
When I look at you you make me smile my cheeks turn red when I see you smiling at me your laugh makes me forget my troubles
I've gotten tired lately, dreaming of a something. So abstract. So tiring.
How could this have happened I gave you everything I opened myself up Despite my fear of being exposed Couldn't you see how scared I was I was terrified to let anyone in
"It wasn't anything YOU did, I do have trust issues." Your words still ring through my head What could have happened To make you this way Why couldn't you have told me sooner The tears I wasted
I don't quite understand How someone can open doors And slam them closed Never wondering what their rooms held I don't understand How you can not have the curiosity To run your fingers on the walls
Tell me honestly And truly Did you even love me? For all the nights I lay awake and crying All the laughs and smiles The feeling of your arms Wrapped around me
Your skin flaunted that of the moon A few bumps here and there But smooth and glowing
An addiction, that's what he wasGreeted by a pulsating desire to shoot him,through every vein in my bodyA soft start, to calm my worries with his powers,and a smile like two rows of gold
With every sip of you, I swallowed too much I sank in your sadness, I drowned in your love and with every bottle, I became overwhelmed
Him Something about him His laugh, his smile, something that's him This isn't like me
I feel empty, we fought again. We played our game, he lost all his lives. He no longer 'lives' or 'talks'. He said he's not hurt, and he is out with friends. I am the one thats hurt.
I am angry and upset! I feel like a fool! Not eveybody knows, good! Keep it that way! I wanna say I'm crying, on the inside. I do not love him enough to shead a single tear.
"I like the idea of touch," i told her. "What does that mean?" she asked. So i showed her. The heels of our hands came together and the tips of our fingers touched. 
Faded kissesKisses fadeOr rather vanish as it sits behind big ass lust in the shade,When we first kissedI knew it was going to be "it is what it is"Type of relationshipBut I let my feelings fall
i hear your voice and i subconciously smile and i feel your warm embrace around me as we softly giggle over the phone "did someone just call your name?" "no" "oh. maybe it was my heart. maybe it needs you"
i hear your voice and i subconciously smile and i feel your warm embrace around me as we softly giggle over the phone "did someone just call your name?" "no" "oh. maybe it was my heart. maybe it needs you"
Heartbreaks Couldn’t be you all by yourself
There was something so possessing About the woman that was a curse, dressed as a blessing When he and she began connecting He realized she was so compelling Her thoughts were so perplexing
I miss him 
He's not worth my love, He's not worth my feelings. He's not worth my pain, And me getting upset over things. He's not worth my thoughts, He's relevant no longer. He's not worth my sadness
This man is my light, my rock, my shinning star and setting sun,
I saw the Maker of the Spirits, injecting them with Love.
I still hold onto you like a newborn baby to his mother. Stuck to you like rain in the clouds You are my heartbeat, although, I should let go I cannot let go on what's been with me for so long
I Always Tell You
With a beauty like hers, no one can deny, Her heart full of gold, and her eyes filled with such integrity, With her locks of bronze blonde waves and the skin looks like a model.
I can't lie, I miss you. Every song I hear is about you. Every story is about us. I hear you in every word. And see a little bit of you you in everyone else. I'd rather be kissing you than missing you.
Pleasure. But only for a few hours, until the high is over. Tension rises till the climax is reached. And when it hits it's done.
God teaches us love, Compassion, Grace, Honesty, Patience, God shows us love, That we are all treasures, That we are worth sacrifices, That we are all perfect in His eyes,
he was a tidal wave,
Devilish deliverer of darkness Eerie establisher of ease Faithless father of fear
Because i loved am able to let to because i loved i was able to close  my eyes to the noise of the world The words that shot throw my heart breaking every lungs and bones how am i still able to breath
Lately I've been dreaming of you. They were peaceful, happy dreams: Dreams full of smiles and laughter, Innocent dreams of love. I love you more than you know. And the times we share mean the world to me.
I know you blame me. I can sense it in your tone, and It's hurting me. Am I really to blame? I know you feel like I crushed all your dreams, and I'm sorry you feel that way. But if you really love me,
I feel it.   Burning from within A rumbling desire Images and scenes flash by in my head Your hands all over me   Everywhere.   All lips and tongue On me, in me  
Sometimes he breaks me apart But he’s always there to put me back together Sometimes he makes my heart hurt But he always puts a bandaid on it after Sometimes he makes me cry
The condition of being anonymous I keep to myself, and hide in the shadows The depression is continuous It's trying my soul, it's hard to swallow Confused emotions, it's all a blur
Drawings hearts on hands, Talking about your favorite bands, Going to football games together And enduring the long lines at concession stands   Surprise flowers and gifts,
If an Author is a job than believe me my life will be changed. I sit and pondered on what is it I want to do for the rest of my life. It came clear to me that it would be to write.
I look and see greatness and admiration. I always have to look pass my procrastination. I would like to change that so I could get more things done.
My soul mate             One day             I find myself fly away             Leave this world             Above the stars               Back again
Never letting go of me                         Shifting, thinking, bending             You twist my body             Whirling me around             Glamorous  
you are the stars i gaze at every single night you are the sun i wake to with its rays of golden light you frolic in my orangejuice and snuggle in my bread you've nestled in my heart and you've rooted in my head
If I could change the world, I wouldn't change it.  For we already have the capability to rearrange it.  We are a feeling species. Full of love and of hate. Yet we cannot appretiate that fact.   
A song so moving I felt revived   the rhythm made my senses alive   A voice and instruments in a symphony    the connection to the lyrics gave out my sympathy 
Moon rays dance across his sparkling eyes He holds his hand tight- never to release his pride He runs like a warrior ready for battle But he’s never known the terror behind scars-
Everyday I give someone a warm hug I warm their spirits and make them snug But I, who gives these warm hugs Feel cold like and empty mug For although I love to see A smile made by me
I still remember the day that I first saw you You where standing on the opposite side of the hallway You where short, so you stood out a little bit You laughed and had no conscious of me staring
I followed him desperately Did anyone see? Craving him, half-heartedly thinking till someone catches us. We who look like thieves, however nothing to take but my lustful purity.
  When I said I love you on January first I meant it with all my heart
Sweaty palms when I see him, I can't even stand up straight. Give me a break, I want to give him my heart to take. Or to break. I need to shake this is feeling. Go ahead girl, 
Today I fell in love,With the man on the moon.I thought I was seeing God,Then he waved and smiled.He pointed to a star,And motioned that it was mine.
Down her face streamed the tears, Of 20 years. Of 1,043 weeks, Of feeling weak. Of 7,304 days, Of being in a daze. Of 175,316 hours, Of thinking, how are We supposed to go on from here?
Oh, love, you cursed thing. 
Do you understand what it’s doing to you?
When time are tough you have to be strong. You have to be patient, poised, and collected; You have to long for the big picture, And see the light that He has reflected.  
God,  A poor man's riches A hungry man's bread A changing soul switches 
She said it was the most consuming thing, the way he would flow through her, and every word she sang.
Won't you stay the night? To call me your "short-haired beauty" again. To stay up all night with me and talk. To tell me things of your past, present, and future. To hug me, maybe kiss me.
I'm slipping. You make me so confused sometimes. I'm still trying to figure out if you're good for me. You take my breath away. But, don't I need to breathe? I'm confused.
You're teaching me things every day. I learn more about you: The things you like, And the things you don't like. It's all very interesting. You're a very unique and special person to me.
You would be amazed for the love I have for him Stronger than what Hercules could carry And deeper than the ocean's current Trying to forget about him is impossible It's like trying to fit in a smaller size shoe
The Sun shines through his eyes and the Moon darkens his shadow The light brings him closer but the dark pulls him away   The Sun and Strength and The Lovers vs. The Moon and The Devil and The Tower
The scent of vanilla In my hair; Dancing across my body; The cinnamon taste On my tongue When he kisses me; The burnt feeling In his chest when He looks into my  Warm eyes;
Why does she float around with no shame? With words that are utterly sweet yet so crisp The optimisim that lives inside of her only to express it to everyone else   No matter how great of a feature on him
Every grain of sand fallen, Is an eternity. Sand better off lost. No matter the pitfalls. Intolerance… Produced as a result of the tone set by one’s skin.
I should be happy But for some reason I'm sad I can't understand the game you're playing It feels like we're on different levelsYou're funny, cute, and awesome But I can't seem to feel what I've felt before 
He approached, staring with eyes very bright,just kindly looking at me in that way,making my heart skip a beat with delight,listening closely to all that I say,caring more than I could have ever thought,
I never knew I would meet someone like you, but I did. I never knew I would come to feel this way about you, but I did. I never knew I would get to go on a first date, hold someone's hand, have a first kiss, but I did.  
I never knew I would meet someone like you, but I did. I never knew I would come to feel this way about you, but I did. I never knew I would get to go on a first date, hold someone's hand, have a first kiss, but I did.  
  Forget not the blood I shed, The crown of thorns placed on my head, The nails that pierced my feet and hands, And the prayer of forgiveness for you I said.   Forget not why I had to die
Hey today was fun and interesting I was loud and you were determining What was I like was it all true Would I be awful and make you blue How is it that you came and weren't afraid Why is it that I paid
How does one person so easily sway my thoughts like wind, tossing the branches of a tree or maybe the sun, casting watery shadows on the ground through my leaves Maybe he's the life-giving water that I draw through my roots
His smile shines just like the morning sun His arms release warmth with love above all Thoughts never stop, like they are on the run Promises said to never let me fall Love and faith is a desire with trust
Manda tu luz y la verdad que me dirijan por el camino correcto Por tus moradas iré sin temor a nada porque tú eres perfecto Publicare cada detalle del amor que tu medas tesperare y te alabare más y más
And I think I love your smile the most 'Cause it says all the things I didn't know And if you'd only smile some more I'd smile and know what I didn't before
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