Her kind of love

To be worth a lifetime
Such a beautiful lifetime,
infact never in this lifetime will I allow love to take my soul and darken my eyesight,
Another man blinded by her kind of love only to be left within such sweet melancholy darkness,
An amazingly twisted painfully delightful so wrong but so right beauty and the beast kind of love,
Evol Love,

The kind that swallows you whole then spits you out only to swallow you again and spit you out into eternal darkness,
But as an artist I invite the darkness,
I challenge this darkness so that I may tame this darkness,
Let this darkness blossom into something beautiful ,
Something as beautiful as you so the whole world can feel your sweet sweet evol love,
A love so painful. . .
So painful that pain begins to feel comforting,
So comforting that if you died today you'd be okay with it. Because after everything that happened,
At the end of the day, it was worth it,
We were worth it. . .
Rest in peace my love,
True love dont fade away forever,
So dont fade away forever. . .one love.

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