What if I'll tell you I was there,
would you run towards me?
What if I'll tell I was with you for years,
would you believe in me?

What if I'll ask for your existence,
would you show your presence?
What if I needed your strength,
would you hold my hand?

What if Im asking for your support,
would you be my eyes if it is blurred?
What if I lost myself,
would you give your full patience?

What if you'll realize when I'm gone,
would I still be your only one?
What if there's no more second chance,
would you make the time stop?

What if I'll stop fighting for you, for us,
would you think of me and realize?
What if all your dreams came true,
would you leave me out of the blue?

What if this will come to an end,
would you still be my friend?
What if I have to let you go,
would you grab it back and tightly hold?

What if everyone turns their back to me,
would you ignore them and stay?
What if you'll see my flaws,
would you rather be here or let me go?

What if you need them more than me,
would you take a risk and live with me?
What if all I felt was terrify,
would you still be by my side?

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Our world


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