Your Poison

With every sip of you, I swallowed too much

I sank in your sadness, I drowned in your love

and with every bottle, I became overwhelmed

Hit with heat and the gates of Hell


Every ounce of you, sliding down my throat

Floating in your passion and fading so alone

and with every glass, I was hit with desire

Of a thousand torches in my head, my mind set on fire


All the shots in the world, could never compare

To the lump in my lungs, the wounds in my words

and all the drinks in the world could never really hurt

Like the way you did when I took my first sip

The way you danced upon on my lips


The fire in my lungs, with every syllable I choked

Breathing for your oxygen, craving every letter you spoke

The scorching pain in my veins, the flames in my flesh

Heaving for your poison, so close to death


Your voice to perfection, the rasp I indulge

From the minute I am awake, until the night when I am cold

The poison I yearn, the poison I need

Your infamous deliverance to make me fall on my feet

So dependent, so reliant, to be addicted to your words

To not even care of who it will hurt


I must confront the truth

With every sip of you, I swallow too much

To sink in your sadness, to drown in your love,

and with every ounce, to become so overwhelmed

When you resemble that of Heaven,

but can make me feel like Hell

-Chloe Aldecoa


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