which piece


950 north
United States

they say follow your heart

but i dont know which piece to follow

im trapped in this cage that you left me in


i heard you found someone new

her name is chloe is that right?

the same girl that your sister dated?


ill always be in love with you

but its time to find someone new

i just dont know what i want 


you played with my head 

you broke my heart 

but hes trying to pick up the pieces 


im falling in love with him now 

you need to stop calling me 

you know im happy and i will not stand here

and let you  destroy my happiness again


his name is jade 

i told him about the night you burnt me 

he asked how could someone hurt 

something so beautiful like me.


in that moment i started crying

with the tears of joy running down my face

i knew i finally found the one 

the one i knew i could depend on


i seen your text 

saying you still loved me

i deleted it 

just like you deleted me 


i trusted you with everything 

and you just left 

i made you my world 

you couldnt even make a second to talk to me

you were so caught up in "work" 

i should have known by all those girls in your phone 

i should have known when you never came home 


i should have left then 

but i stayed 

i forgave you every single damn time 

i devoted all my time to you 

but i just wasted 4 years on nothing i guess


jade is there for me no matter what 

even when we get into an argument he ask if im okay 

and we never go to bed mad at each other 

he shows me he cares 


your too late im too far gone 

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