At times you remind me of a glistening sunset and other times a raging storm, you drive me absolutely insane in the best and worst ways.

You make me feel like I could take on the world but then again, you also make me feel like I am nothing. What a bitter sweet love we have; toxic.

We blame each other for our mistakes and we bask in the after argument silence. 
We fuck to forget what we said and then we do it all over again.

We both have our demons and I throw mine at you while yours come at me, they clash in a burning light leaving us breathless and angry.

We scream and we cry until our throats ache and our eyes bleed but I can't help but find some kind of peace within it all.

You keep me grounded while drowning me at the same time and I know I shouldn't want it but damn it baby, I do.


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