Dear Jon, Stay drunk


She said it was the most consuming thing,

the way he would flow through her, and every word she sang.

It ate at her, how he crept up everyday.

Then how he would be unattainable in every way.

The pleasure he brought accompanied by pain,

her mind would race and race, running into other lanes. 

She lived her life halfway drunk on his memory,

While he was drinking, and sending his life out to sea. 

There's no way of predicting the future, no seeing the end of the rope.

Yet the young girl, she still had hope.

For she know that one day the blue eyed boy would fly.

She knew she had to let him go, and then do her best not to cry. 

Still, late at night she lie awake, her thoughts eating her alive,

but all along she knew there would have to come a goodbye. 


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