The Man I Love(d)

Remember when you laid next to me in my bed
You remember, yeah don't you?
Covers over us and bodies pressed together
You loved me, didn't you?
Well that's what you said when we were done fucking
You were on top, and a way we went
All I could do was savor the moment, cause I knew it would be our last
You were the one to undress me, but why did it end with me dressing myself?
I swear I thought I loved you, I really thought I fucking loved you
You were with her, and I tried to be okay with that
I tried to see the best in you, but you always saw the worst in me
6 months, 6 fucking months I waited for you
We fucked, we cuddled, and we had these moments
But then you ditched me
Yeah, you ditched me you piece of shit
You knew I was vulnerable, you knew I was fucked up in the head
You looked at me on that day and thought "Yeah let me fuck her and get her addicted. Let's make this sorry bitch fall for me. I'll get the pussy that my girls not giving me."
But as soon as she gave it up to you, it was bye bye to me
"Sorry I took advantage of you" Yeah, sorry my fucking ass
I trusted you, I swear to God I fucking trusted you
If I didn't, then why the fuck would you have my virginity?
But I look at you now and I hate you
Matter of fact, I don't even know you
You aren't who you were
You use to give great advice
But ever since I "fell for you" I fucked it up?
Who wanted to have sex at first? Yeah bitch, it was you
I didn't force your penis inside of me, now did i?
And now all your little friends think I'm the bad guy
You fucked me up man, you really did a number on me
Yeah, I started cheating on people too
And I don't even give a fuck about love
Man, what even is love? A thing you say to get stuff and get fucked?
Well, whatever man
You keep the bitch you started with, and I'll finish with my hard heart and I won't bargain with it
Ever since you left I don't wanna blow my fucking brains out
You may have left and lied on me, but i got the last laugh cause I see what's really inside of you
Go dig your grave and lie in it, but don't expect me to cry and put flowers on in
I'll spit and shit on your fuckin' grave cause bitch you're dead to me

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