Game Over

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 00:25 -- Monai

I was blind but I'm starting to see

All this time you've been lying to me

You picked my brain just to find

My idea of a perfect guy

Then everything I said to you

You took in & began to do

Without words being said it became you

This is not what me opening up was supposed to do

Now im stuck all alone & confused

My emotions are twisted, battered, & abused

You killed me


Or did you know exactly what you were doing?

Did you know that I would cherish every word that you said?

Did you know every moment with you would constantly replay in my head?

Did you know that kiss on my forehead would initiate my fall?

Did you know the ones to my lips would bring the greatest feeling of all?

What about when you are missed?

Did you know the sadness would end up like this?

What about the conversations that sitmulate my mind?

You were the right person who appeared at the wrong time

This is not what I signed up for

I can't even the score

Give me my pieces back

I don't wanna play this game anymore


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