What Color Is Love

What Color is Love

What color is love?

Is it,

Morning rays of tangerine and lemon- yellow arms warming my melanin through the window?

The ocean blue sky with a few cotton white comfy clouds that look great for protecting?

The protection that makes me feel feminine

Is it,

The touch of your full pink watermelon lips grazing the nape of my neck

As your soft caramel hands explore the route down my smooth mocha covered spine

Wresting between the crimson red silk sheets where unity and ecstasy meets?

Is it,

Me closing my eyes to see a tranquil field of lavender

And at the ends of the field sits an intriguing glitter gold throne

On the throne sit 2 reigning intertwined black souls

What is the color of love?

I don’t know

But my favorite hue

                 Is you!





This poem is about: 
My family


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